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No Money for Travel? Let Us Bring a Custom Environmental Bootcamp to You! Do you have 12 or more people than need trained on numerous regulatory topics? If so, Private Onsite Training may be a fit for your organization. Our onsite private environmental, health and safety training programs are customized to fit your organization's needs and operations. We provide a face-to-face interaction between the trainer and your employees through live instruction and engaging presentations. We also have Group Bulk Discounts for public training as well.


Developing and customizing your own Environmental Bootcamp can be a very engaging and satisfying experience. Compared to public "off-the-shelf" classes you can choose and pick what topics you want to cover and in what industry to cover those laws and regulations in. We will work with you to customize an agenda that will integrate your organization's industry standards, environmental plans, and operations to ensure your employees will take with them the knowledge needed during their day-to-day operations as environmental, health and safety professionals.

Examples of Course Topics we can Teach on to Create your Own Custom Course

Costs may vary depending on customazation, attendance, location, etc.

   404 Permitting
•    Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Compliance
•    Handling Citizen Suits
•    Clean Air Act (CAA) Overview
•    Clean Water Act (CWA) Overview
•    Emergency Releases
•    Environmental Audits and Assessments
•    Environmental Law and Regulatory Overview
•    EPA and Sate Inspections
•    EPCRA Overview
•    EPCRA Reporting (Tier I/II and TRI Reporting)
•    FIFRA Overview
•    Greenhouse Gas Compliance under CAA
•    Hazcom Standard
•    Hazmat Transportation
•    Hazwoper (8hr Refresher)
•    Hazwoper (24hr General Industry)
•    Hazwoper (24hr Construction)
•    Hazwoper (40hr General Industry)
•    Hazwoper (40hr Construction)
•    ISO 14001 Gap Analysis
•    ISO 14001 Aspects and Impacts
•    ISO 14001 Implementation and Auditing
•    Leak Detection and Repair

•    Managing Asbestos
•    Managing Lead
•    Managing PCBs
•    NEPA Compliance
•    NEPA Writing and EA, EIS, or FONZI
•    NESHAPs
•    Stormwater/NPDES Permitting

•    Tribal Environmental Matters
•    Oil Spill Response and Management
•    New Source Performance Standards (NSPS)
•    New Source Review (NSR) Program
•    RCRA Overview
•    RCRA Day-to-Day Operations
•    RCRA Exclusions and Delisting of Wastes
•    RCRA Identification of Hazardous Waste
•    SPCC Compliance and Planning
•    State Implementation Plan (SIP) Standards and Limitations
•    Storm Water Planning
•    Title V Permitting Program
•    Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Overview
•    Underground Storage Tank (UST) Compliance
•    Water Quality Permitting

•    and More!

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