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EnvironmentalBootcamp.com is owned and operated by the EPA Alliance Training Group.

Why Choose the EPA Alliance Training Group? We know you have many choices when it comes to environmental training and consulting but we promise you that you will not find a more quality driven industry friendly environmental organization than the EPA Alliance Training Group. We pride ourselves on NOT nickel and diming our clients but providing them with up-to-date presentations, nationally recognized instructors and experts, fun locations where you will enjoy yourselves at an affordable price. This is why we have a more than 65% return rate and previous attendees refer more than 85% of our clients and customers.  Give us a shot and you wont be disappointed. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your environmental challenges.

About the EPA Alliance Training Group

The EPA Alliance Training Group and EPA Alliance Consulting Group (EPA Alliance) Jeremy Kelleywas formed by Baxter Communications Group in 2009 to provide reliable and cost-effective environmental training and consulting services throughout numerous industries and government. Our goal is to provide industry professionals and organizations alike, through training and consulting, the knowledge that enable them to be successful and compliant with U.S. environmental laws and regulations.

Some of the EPA Alliance most popular classes include: The Environmental bootcamp or sometimes referred to as the "Environmental Awareness Bootcamp" or "Environmental Compliance Bootcamp"; the SPCC & Stormwater Workshop, the Clean Air Compliance Workshop, the NEPA Compliance Workshop, RCRA Compliance Workshop and many more.

The EPA Alliance Training Group and/or Baxter Communications Group is not affiliated with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Business Opportunities

Interested in teaming together for a business opportunity? Many procurement offers and bids, public or private, may have deliverables that require more than one company's expertise or experience. We are always looking to develop relationships with companies that complement and enhance our broad range of services to meet specific bid requirements.

EPA Alliance will entertain solicitations in which we can team and contribute, that best meet our strategic, business, and technical requirements. EPA Alliance is fast becoming the nation's premier environmental training firm. For future business teaming opportunities contact jkelley@epaalliance.com or call (713) 703-7016.

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